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In honor of April being autism awareness month, we want to highlight our amazing ABA clinicians who work with our wonderful clients and families.  To learn more about Brighter Hope Wellness Center’s ABA services check out our ABA services and Autism Spectrum Disorder Testing services.

Jada Bryant

What inspired you to become an RBT?

I was inspired by being a nanny for a child who had autism. I learned so much and loved how he interacted with me. I found it rewarding being involved in a child’s educational growth and enhancing their everyday life skills. Working as an RBT makes me love it more because of the hands on experience.

How long have you been working in the autism field?

I have been working in the autism field for 6 months.

What is your approach to Treatment?

The goal is to increase behaviors that are helpful and decrease the ones that can affect learning, and/or be harmful. Applied Behavioral Analysis has several phases and is individualized to a child’s specific needs. Some techniques I use are modeling, discrete trial training, and use positive reinforcement

What is a memorable story from your experience as an RBT?

I was nervous when I first started because of the virtual sessions. All of my clients where very open to meeting me and having session with me. The kids enjoy their time spent with me knowing they are there to play and do some work. That makes me smile!

When you are not working, what are some things that you enjoy doing?

I am a dancer! I enjoy doing hip hop and jazz. Dancing is a way I express myself and stay in shape.

Jada J. Bryant, Registered Behavior Technician
Jada J. Bryant, Registered Behavior Technician

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