Whitney Octavious, Administrative Intern

Administrative Intern
Brighter Hope Wellness Center Administrative Intern (2024)

I am a recent graduate of Catholic University of America in DC, with a degree in Psychology and Brain Sciences (BS). I have always loved psychology since my AP Psychology class in high school after being fascinated with the fact that the brain is a small 3-pound organ that controls your thoughts, feelings, wants, desires, fears, and habits.

My years of education and experience have fueled my interest in helping young children and adolescents, from their growing attachment years to navigating their newfound independence, and everything in between. There are so many profound milestones that take place in a person’s life from toddlerhood to puberty, and I am excited to get some hands-on experience here at BHWC and help client’s grow into happy and healthy people.

I am kind and understanding and try to create a warm and engaging environment amongst family and friends; and I look forward to carrying out this mindset through my aspirations of completing my training and certification of becoming an RBT, and eventually becoming a pediatrician.

In the meantime, I love to cook/bake new recipes, sing, skateboard, take early morning walks, and go to art museums with my friends.