Dr. Cindy’s Corner: Living a Brighter Spring

Photo of Cindy T. Graham, Ph.D.
Dr. Cindy’s Corner

This spring was supposed to be about introducing a new theme to our blog. The goal was to guide you through these next few months with a  changed outlook to propel you into summer. Uplifting posts about how to shift your mindset. That was before the world was overtaken by the COVID-19 virus.

In what seemed to be the blink of an eye, our world changed entirely. And so does the focus of this blog series. Not to say the emphasis will be on the pandemic. Instead, our “Living a Brighter Spring” series will focus on living life through this pandemic, not in this pandemic. The goal is to provide you with the encouragement and helpful tips to help you during any uncertain time in your life and especially as we deal with COVID-19.

Because here’s the thing, managing stress remains the same. Fundamentally at least. We know the tools and strategies necessary to facilitate coping.

I recently shared my thoughts on the anxiety some are experiencing in thinking about their own mortality in the face of the COVID-19 pandemic in Brian Cuban’s blog post “Coping with Mortality Anxiety”. In it I mention 7 strategies for managing anxiety about death.

I also had the chance to provide some insight on the potential benefits of taking a virtual vacation in an article for Lifehacker Australia. Imani Bashir provided some fun recommendations for ways to visit some beautiful and exotic locations around the world from the comfort of your own home.

Check back in each week for a new post on how to manage stress this spring.

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