Linda L. Cliff, LCSW-C, Clinical Social Worker

Photo of Linda L. Cliff, LCSW-C; Clinical Social Worker at Brighter Hope Wellness Center in Clarksville, Maryland
Linda L. Cliff, LCSW-C

Life is challenging and ever-changing. You may find you need someone to help you navigate through these life transitions. Parenting can be a challenge, especially if you have a child diagnosed with autism, developmental delays or intellectual delays. As adults, you are trying to manage it all. It can be harder when you are struggling with depression and/or anxiety, bipolar disorder or addictions. It is time for you to take care of yourself. We will build on your strengths and help you to find ways to meet your needs.

I received my Master’s Degree in Social Work in 1990. I have been working predominantly in hospitals and in the mental health field. I have witnessed how dissatisfaction with one’s life can create both physical and emotional struggles. Together we can work through these challenges.

I will consider it a privilege to work with each of my clients on their journey. I commend the courage that it takes to reach out for help. I welcome you to contact me to develop an individual treatment plan to meet your goals.